Your health is rocky at best.

You don’t love your job.

Your relationships could use some work.

It’s hard to love much less like your life. There are more things to gripe about than to be grateful for. You’re not mindful or peaceful. You’re anything, but grace under fire. In fact, the more you hear about how you’re supposed to feel, be or live, the worse you feel.

Sound familiar?

Most of us believe a perfect life equals a happy one. But show me someone’s supposedly flawless life and I’ll show you the truth under the shiny image.

To be satisfied, you don’t need to seek perfection. In fact, doing so will guarantee unhappiness. What you need is a release of judgment from what is, the courage to practice acceptance, and the persistence to keep working on yourself.

Learning to live consciously is the path toward the life you really want, not the life you think will make you happy. This week, our bloggers will guide you in the right direction with posts on ADHD, stress, mindfulness and bipolar disorder. Read them and you’ll find there is no easy solution toward happiness. But there are long-lasting tips that can heal you from the inside out.

{Etsy necklace by TreasuredCharms}

{Etsy necklace by TreasuredCharms}

Music and ADHD
(Mental Health Awareness) – Does music have a positive or negative effect on children with ADHD? If you’ve thought music, ADHD and homework don’t mix, you may be surprised by this.

Thoughts on ABC’s “Black Box”
(Being Beautifully Bipolar) – How does ABC’s new show, “Black Box” stack up against reality? Our blogger shares her personal review on whether the main character’s own struggle with the illness is more fiction than true.

Self-Soothing When Stress Strikes
(Weightless) – Knowing how to self-soothe is an important self-care tool. If you’re feeling stressed, this list of soothing techniques will comfort you.

10 Essential Ways of Thinking to Make Mindfulness a Way of Life
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – You’ve heard it many times before especially on our website. But what really is mindfulness and can it lead to happiness? This post provides a detailed look on how mindfulness can transform your life.

Four Ways to Increase Your Interpersonal Skills
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Does a cancelled lunch send you into an emotional tailspin? Are you easily triggered by routine events? Your emotional sensitivity could be affecting your relationships. Read how to minimize your suffering with tips on improving your interpersonal resiliency and skills.