Introducing ThriveMany of us live our lives with little mindful regard as to where we’re going… and where we’ve been. We go from day to day, just happy with the little accomplishments and with no major problems rearing their ugly head.

While I think that’s fine for a short while, it’s not a good way to live your life for a longer period of time. People can stagnate instead of growing, and for most, that stagnation can lead to a certain emptiness in life.

So it is my pleasure to announce this new blog, Thrive, with Jessica Beltran, MS.

As Jessica describes her blog,

Life is an everlasting opportunity to grow, change, evolve, expand, develop, flourish, prosper, and ultimately… thrive. The purpose of this blog is to help others challenge themselves to profound changes that will transform them into the best version of themselves. It intends to translate psychology into a language that everyone can understand so it can be used to improve our lives as we undergo the magic of our own metamorphosis.

We are, without a doubt, a product of our minds, and psychology is the key that will open our eyes to a conscious way of living so we can lead a meaningful life that’s true to our core self.

You can learn more about Jessica here.

Please give Jessica a warm Psych Central welcome over on hew blog, Thrive, today.