“Helping begins with listening.” – Gloria Steinem

There is a single word solution that can heal yourself and the ones you love. Listen.

Listening wholeheartedly to your tired body. Listen to the sorrow that sits on a breaking heart. Listen to the fear that rests under anger. Listen to your child sighing, your cat purring, the gentle sound of water falling upon your rooftop.

As you read our posts this week, listen to what each is trying to teach you. Can a post on relationships teach you you’re moving too fast? Can lessons on self-compassion remind you you’re being too hard on yourself? Can it tell you hope and relaxation are possible despite your current circumstance? Listen to the wise words from our bloggers this week and find the answers to what’s unresolved in your own heart.

{Etsy print by MarshNelsonFineArt}

{Etsy print by MarshNelsonFineArt}

Dating Comes Before Mating
(Healthy Romantic Relationships) – There is an order to romantic relationships. Mess with it and you’ll unintentionally sabotage it. Find out if you’re on a rocky road or the right path toward a successful partnership.

Choose One Of These 11 Insights And Make Your Life Better
(Therapy Soup) – Is your current circumstance clouding your perspective? There’s no better teacher than psychiatrist and Nazi concentration camps survivor Victor Frankl when it comes to helping you change your inner world to transform your life. Read his wise words and be inspired!

10 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself This Weekend
(Weightless) – Often we are our greatest enemy. To quell negative thoughts from our inner critic, sample Margarita’s list of sweet ways you can love, take care of and heal yourself.

Meditation Part II: Breathing
(Living a Balanced Life) – Something you take for granted can be a tool for improved mental health. Learn how to use your breath to battle stress and anxiety, and induce a state of relaxation when meditating.

Are Your “Peeps” Eye Candy?
(Mental Health Humor) – Had enough Peeps this weekend? Chato B. pokes fun at those sickeningly sweet Easter treat with a tweet and a cartoon.