When your heart sinks from disappointment, rejection, or loss, how do you cope?

Do you get engulfed in it falling into a pool of despair? Do you see it as a single moment or an example of more dark ones to come?

Is it possible that your latest challenge has a deeper purpose? Could there be roots of meaning under the current ground you’re walking on?

External circumstances and challenges may be the signs we need to alert us to issues of our soul. As our bloggers remind us this week, maybe your greatest life lesson is loving and nourishing your deeper self. To do this, it might take being mindful of the food and medicine you put in your mouth. It might require you to stop focusing on what your neighbor has and start working on the things that will truly make you happy. Read our posts below to learn ways to care for your soul by being good to your whole self.

{Etsy print by ilovedoodle}

{Etsy print by ilovedoodle}

Depressed? 6 Tips to Help Find Your Soul
(Parenting Tips) – Have you lost your essential self by focusing solely on others or your physical health? Find your way back with these soul nurturing tips.

100,000-Person Study Shows That Your Psych Meds Can Kill You
(The Science of Addiction) – New research will make you rethink medication as your first line of treatment. If you’re currently taking or thinking of treating anxiety, sleep, depression or other mental health issues with psychotropic medication(s), you need to read this.

What Do We Need To Be Happy?
(Thrive) – True happiness stems not from financial gain, but by building up these three fundamental needs. Read it to cultivate more health, happiness and well-being.

Do You Care If The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side – Why Maybe You Should!
(Mental Health Humor) – Feeling green with envy? Chato reminds us that mental illness afflicts us all, from the very poor to the extremely rich. And regardless of what our neighbor’s life looks like on the outside, we all suffer, face challenges, and experience difficulty.

Gluten and depression: Is there a link?
(Depression On My Mind) – Are you what you eat? A new study suggests gluten could be affecting your mood even if you don’t have celiac disease. Put down that bagel and read this.