One man tells his partner everything’s fine, but is secretly unhappy.

One woman is lonely and isolated, but turns down opportunities to hang out with new people.

Why do we say we want to be happy, then do the very thing that causes our unhappiness?

Love is both an antidote and the cause of our suffering. It can be healing, a remedy to cure what ails us. But to do so requires courage and a willingness to endure discomfort, fear and even emotional pain.

Intimacy and connection are inherent needs in all of us. Just like we want to be happy, at our very core we have an innate desire to love and be loved.

What often keeps us from creating and maintaining healthy and loving relationships are early trauma and crisis. Maybe you struggle with letting go of a past indiscretion or regret. Maybe low self-esteem and a negative inner critic are directing your life. Or maybe the current challenge you’re facing is keeping you stuck. If so, take heart. Our posts this week will guide you toward greater freedom and consciousness to stop self-sabotage so you can move forward toward more happiness in your life.

{Greeting card by JeanWilliamsonCards}

{Greeting card by JeanWilliamsonCards}

Free Yourself Free From Anger, Hurt and Resentment
(Sorting Out Your Life) – Feeling stuck in the past? This post reveals the surprising things making you unhappy and preventing you from enjoying your life. Read it to help you finally move forward.

Research: Women Love More but Still Feel Less Than
(NLP Discoveries) – A new study shows low self-esteem may be responsible for your desire to fix your relationship. No matter how hard you work at it, however, here’s why it will never increase your self-worth.

What’s the Most Important Question You Can Ask?
(Healthy Romantic Relationships) – The question you ask yourself on a daily basis could be directing your life. But most of us walk around unconscious of what it is. This will help you determine not only what you’re asking yourself, but how you can use it to improve your life.

Florida’s Disinterest in Caring for the Mentally Ill
(Her Bipolar Life) – A Florida bill will change the availability of mental health care for its patients. Any person who is affected by mental illness, regardless of whether you’re a Florida resident, should read this.

How to Turn a Crisis Into an Opportunity
(Thrive) – Want to change your current challenge into something positive? This post shares three key factors to help you turn hardship into an opportunity for growth.