Do you know where your attention is?

One night while putting my son to sleep our eyes locked and he gave me a huge smile. It melted my heart and made me cry. How many times a day do I pass up these precious opportunities by unconsciously putting other things first?

It’s one thing to make a choice to work or do the laundry. But it’s quite another to allow your thoughts and worries to take completely control over your life. You might not be able to be 100% present during every second of your life, but the key isn’t to strive for perfection.

As you’ll read from our bloggers below, being conscious of whatever you’re currently experiencing, whether stressed or depressed, is the path toward greater freedom, meaning and joy. Mindfulness gives you the option to experience the beautiful moments like the one I had with my son, but also endure the toughest times in your life.

{Etsy quote by theSilverSpider}

{Etsy quote by TheSilverSpider}

JAMA: Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Beats CBT and 12-Step
(Addiction Under 30) – A research study uncovers a lesser known substance abuse treatment for preventing relapse. Here’s how mindfulness-based training stacks up against cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and 12-Step programs.

Trauma or Brain Chemistry? What Science and Rick Warren Say About the Cause of Mental Illness
(Innovating in Organizations) – Are you in the camp that believes mental illness is due to brain chemistry or a person’s history and environment? This blogger doesn’t see eye to eye with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and Pastor Rick Warren when it comes to the role of the latter in the root of mental illness.

5 Steps to a Worry Cure
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Worrying robs you of joy. But while you can’t completely rid yourself of it, these 5 gentle steps can ease your mind making you more compassionate, less reactive and experience greater ease and joy in your life.

Her Bipolar Life: In the Throes of Depression
(Her Bipolar Life) – It takes courage to share what it’s really like while you’re in the midst of depression. If you’ve ever suffered from depression or know someone who has, you’ll relate with Kat’s post.

Hints for Effective Stress Management
(Cultivating Contentment & Happiness) – Can stress be a good thing? According to this, it’s all in the way you perceive it. With these tips you’ll learn how to effectively manage your stress and consequently create positive change in your life.