People look upon those who are different, those with mental illness, as crazy, as fools. And though it’s April Fool’s Day, this post is about why they’re far from it.

We all suffer from something. It’s impossible to escape being human and not be challenged in some way. Understanding that at a deep level will help you realize we’re more alike than we’re different. Your co-worker may be obnoxious and your father can be critical, but they deserve compassion too.

We might understand a loved one who is physically ill. We might give a pass to the angry relative who’s grieving. But the guy who is constantly bragging about himself doesn’t seem worthy of understanding. Truthfully, you even struggle with being understanding toward yourself.

The most annoying among us, the most difficult to love (including parts of ourselves), are the ones that need love the most. In Care of the Soul, author Thomas Moore says,”Narcissism is a signal that the soul is not being love sufficiently. The greater the narcissism, the less love is being given.”

As you read our posts this week, try to see the difficulty and challenges in your life, whether they are people or obstacles, as those in need of your love and understanding.

{Etsy pendant by mentalembellisher}

{Etsy pendant by mentalembellisher}

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