I had a reoccurring nightmare again last night. Although it was a different dream, it held the same anxious theme. This time instead of failing a test or a class, I was failing a job. It happens too often to mention. Instead of the whimsical, carefree dreams of my youth, I find myself working hard and stressing out even while sleeping.

Weeks ago I attended Wanderlust, a yoga retreat happening in Hawaii. One of the teachers was surfing legend Gerry Lopez. He said we’re in fight and flight mode even while sleeping. Stress used to be a response to traumatic occurrences. Now we’re stressed out on a daily basis. Being able to relax has become a gigantic hurdle.

I think it’s why stress is always a popular topic. We might grapple with different issues. Your biggest problem might be your kids. Her number one difficulty is friendships. He struggles with his family. But stress? It’s something we all can relate to.

To end our week, you’ll learn how to cope with stress more effectively and learn what personality disorder(s) or family relationships may be responsible for the stress you’re currently experiencing.

{Etsy card by lilflower}

{Etsy card by lilflower}

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