Your child isn’t as easygoing/bright/successful as their child.

You’re always there for them, but your friends are absent when you need them.

You’re so far from your dreams, pursuing them feels hopeless.

Your boss doesn’t respect you.

You’ll never find someone who will love you back.

All these thoughts boil down to one thing. There’s a part of you that believes you’re not good enough. You’re not a good enough parent, employee, or person to find what you want, who you want to be with or have genuine people to care about you.

Surprisingly, changing your circumstances (finding a better job/partner/friends) won’t do much to transform your life permanently. Real shifts happen from the inside out.

This week our bloggers share ways you can change your inner world to cause a positive change in your external experience. You’ll learn ways to bring back meaning in your life, take care of yourself, quell self-doubt, and increase your sense of personal power.

While it’s a process to build your sense of self-worth after trauma, bullying, and challenges break you down, these posts show us with time, care, and work, anything is possible.

{Vintage postcard from Uber2Cute}

{Vintage postcard from Uber2Cute}

Infographic – 30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself
(Bounce Back) – Happiness should be a verb. It takes action to create a life you love. Here is a visual reminder of all the ways you can take care of yourself and consequently take charge of your life.

Research Reveals These 3 Tips to Increase your Personal Power
(NLP Discoveries) – Are you physically weak? Your personal sense of power could be the cause. A recent study demonstrates your state of mind can affect your physical strength. Here’s what you can do to increase your personal sense of power.

When Someone Doubts Your Dreams Or Decisions (Including Yourself)
(Weightless) – Want to know the best answer to your worst critics (that includes yourself)? Learn the phrase you should use to banish those reoccurring doubts.

Bullying in Mental Health Care: Misuse of Authority and Power Can Trump Wellness
(Innovating in Organizations) – Bullying doesn’t just occur with kids. Adults can get bullied too. Sadly, service recipients can become victim to a different, but equally as harmful abuse of power.

My Child Doesn’t Sleep: Understanding Bipolar II
(Tales of Manic Depression) – If you have a young child who doesn’t sleep, you need to read this. One blogger shares how having Bipolar II affected her sleep during various stages of her life, which did not resolve itself until she finally got help.