Her life seems better than yours.

What you would do to have their relationship?

If only you were as healthy, as wealthy, as put together as he is.

I know the plight of envy. I’m familiar with how easy it is to put your neighbor’s life at front center and your own in the shadows. It corrodes anything good and relegates it to “not good enough.”

It’s a difficult thing to resist-the lure of wanting a life that’s not your own. And many of us try to soothe the discomfort with mindless distractions. But it’s a problem easily solved when confronted head on.

If you’re feeling a little green with envy these days, understand that you, just like anyone else, deserves happiness. Although someone else’s life may seem more spectacular than your own, remember that we all have our own significant roles to play. Your road may be rockier than a friends. Your path may be a bit more windy. But that doesn’t mean your life isn’t any more meaningful, fabulous or important.

Our bloggers will remind you of that whether you’re struggling with addiction, ADHD, a relative’s mental illness or the pain and guilt over not feeling worthy or good enough. In their own stories, they teach us that despite the thorns, there is beauty that comes with every rose.

Green with envy

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