Guilt. It’s the five-letter word taking over my every moment.

Guilt over…

the unmade bed.

moments spent texting when in the company of loved ones.

eating something unhealthy.

not exercising.

not spending enough quality time with my son.

the unwashed dishes.

the messy house.

the project I could have spent just a little more time on.

It’s a never ending shopping list of regrets, failings and shame worthy thoughts that weigh on a person every moment of every day. In Mindful Motherhood, author Cassandra Vieten says, “Having your contentment be based on so many ever-changing circumstances is a losing proposition.” Instead of the guilt that resides from not creating a perfect external existence, she suggests meeting every moment as it is. When we do, we remember instead the smiling faces, the joyful moments spent with loved ones, the meaningful memories that overshadow everything else.

Focusing too much on what we’re not doing can rob us of the beauty of what’s happening right in front of us. Read our posts this week to help you raise your self-confidence, reduce your anxiety, and gain greater awareness on the things that truly matter in your life.

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