In an interview with O magazine, spiritual leader Rob Bell says, “With the books, with everything, it was never about, ‘It has to be successful’…”It was always, ‘I have to try, because that’s where the joy is.”

We often quit things before we have a chance to see it through.

We surrender before we’ve sacrificed.

We throw in the towel prematurely. Sometimes we do it, moments before we would have won.

The fear rests in what we will lose if we try rather than what we might gain. But as Bell reminds us, it’s the trying that brings us the most joy.

This week focus on the pure delight of striving. Love the journey. Momentarily forget about the destination. These posts will help by teaching you ways to be kind, compassionate and understanding when things are hard and to find success in the things (love, relationships, self-care) that really matter.

{Etsy art by inspiredartprints}

{Etsy art by inspiredartprints}

Three Lessons Learned From Studies of Success
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – People often fall prey to the myths of success. For example, the belief that success equals happiness or that it is derived from external accomplishments. This post will teach you what true success really looks like and how to attain it.

I Didn’t Choose To Have A Mental Illness
(Amazed by Grace) – If you’ve ever been asked whether you’ve done something to cause or worsen your mental illness, you need to read this. It’s just one of those insensitive and ignorant comments you might get from those who don’t get it.

Adjust Your Posture This Weekend For A More Confident Monday
(Panic About Anxiety) – Can your posture affect your mood? Find out how power posing may have a positive influence over those who suffer from anxiety.

Creating A Calming Personal Space
(Weightless) – Take self-care one step further by creating a sanctuary at home. Let this post inspire you to find a soothing space of your own.

Rethink Anger, Rethink Anger Management
(360 of Mindful Living) – Anger is just fear in disguise. Learn how seeing it this way can help diffuse, cope with and manage what you’re feeling.