I went to a yoga retreat this weekend. Besides a bracelet and muscle fatigue, I came back with a renewed sense of peace. There’s nothing like being in a room filled with hundred or so people doing yoga that forces you to be present and to breathe.

Being completely immersed in almost simultaneous movement and distracted by my breath instead of my smartphone or to-do list, kept my body in balance. When the mind is calm, the body has a chance to rest, heal and recover.

It took a retreat to remind me of that-that whatever tools, things, or external circumstances my mind believes I “need” to feel better doesn’t really exist. I already have what’s essential for healing, growth and happiness.

The yoga teacher in one of my classes said, “We don’t have to pursuit happiness, we just have to slow down enough for it to catch up to us.”

Let this week’s post teach us all to take time to pause, rest and reflect on who and what we surround ourselves with, how we interact in our relationships, and what our bodies are trying to tell us. If we take the time to listen in as much as we speak, do, respond or act, what we’re most desiring might find us.

{Etsy photo seaofwolvesdesign}

{Etsy photo seaofwolvesdesign}

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