I’ve been guilty of it many times. In my desire to want things the way I want them to be, I forget to see things as they truly are.

Although I’m unaware of it at the time, it’s most obvious when I’m disappointed. When I catch myself upset over a friend’s comment, a relative’s disapproval, or a misunderstanding. Instead of meeting this person where they are, I treat them the way I wish they would be.

What I should be doing instead is give them the compassion and nonjudgmental response that I crave. By griping over their critical behavior, their negativity, I’m only becoming the very thing I despise.

To truly change our external world, we need to turn inward and look at ourself.

This week instead of meeting the day with wants, what-ifs and wishes, try doing what our bloggers say. Meet your present circumstance as it is. Treat it with kindness. Love your body (big and small), your mind (anxiety, depression and all), and to meet whatever you’re going through (bad situation, challenging marriage, etc.) where you are right now with as much compassion you can muster up.

{Etsy art by thimbleandthistle}

{Etsy art by thimbleandthistle}

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