I’ll be happy when I’m free of ____. (Fill in the blank with your personal physical or emotional affliction.)

It’s lovely to imagine a life before your illness. It’s easy, in fact, to get attached to what life could have been. But thinking this way can sink you in deep. Instead of living your life as it was meant to be lived, you’ll be walking in the shadows of some perfect life you’ll never lead.

And it’s not just the big things like depression. It could be the constant thoughts you have, the what-ifs, the decision to live where you live, ordering the tuna sandwich instead of the egg salad. It seems benign, but those small self-doubts add up to over time. They pick at who you are, the life you have, and rob you of what is.

And is what you have so bad? Sure on a bad day, it is. But shift things around a bit and you might realize that in this moment, you’re breathing, you’ve got a few good friends and the sun is finally out. Maybe, just maybe, these are the good enough moments that make up a life.

This week’s post will give reason to begin accepting your life for what it is whether or not you’re suffering from depression, have a child with behavioral problems or are just looking for ways to fulfill a dream or change your negativity. It’s all about first learning to accept your situation and building a life upon that.

{Etsy art print by ellolovey}

{Etsy art print by ellolovey}

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