There’s a common dilemma that has tortured everyone I have ever known, including myself. The desire to be near the flame, but not get burned by it. To enjoy the benefits of love, friendship, purpose, but to avoid the potential cost of loss, disappointment, and rejection.

There’s a fine balance between risking a little versus risking it all. In order to truly live we need to dip our toes in the ocean of what scares us. When we swim in what’s safe instead of venturing out deep, we do a disservice to ourselves and to what we’re capable of.

But since no one enjoys the pain of being hurt, how do we take a chance and survive with soul intact?

Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you learn ways to protect yourself so you can withstand the insensitive comments people make without completely shutting the world out. Maybe on the tough days you decide to be like a turtle and hide within your shell. But when you are strongest you decide to wiggle your way out. Let our posts this week give you the information, resources, help and support you need to build up your toolbox for the days you’re ready to venture out.

{Etsy print by nidhi}

{Etsy print by nidhi}

The Top 5 Most Ignorant Opinions on Bipolar Disorder
(Her Bipolar Life) – How many times have people said things to you about your illness that were insensitive, ignorant or just plain rude? You’ll want to send them this post.

1,000 bodies found at site of former “lunatic asylum.” What are we going to do about it?
(Depression On My Mind) – Is it our duty to preserve the dignity of the more than a thousand forgotten souls found at the former site of the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum? Christine thinks so. Find out why she believes it’s an opportunity to right the wrong of our horrifying past.

Learning to Say “No”
(Mental Health Awareness) – Do you often put people’s needs before your own? Do you worry about what others want or think? Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself? You may be a people-pleaser. If you’re tired of putting your needs last, this will teach how to start saying, “No” to others so you can start saying, “Yes” to yourself.

Creative People, Trauma, Addiction: Colin Farrell
(The Creative Mind) – What is the link between creativity and addiction? According to this, it could be childhood trauma.

5 Things to Know About EMDR
(After Trauma) – Could EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) help heal you? Here is information for trauma survivors and clinicians on the basic principles of this popular practice.