Amidst the fear and chaos that often attaches itself to any holiday, I wish you love. In between the ruminations over finding the perfect gift/person/event, I hope you find peace.

It’s not just about storybook romance, flowers, and candy hearts. It’s about our ability to love.

In The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Live You Have author Mark Nepo stunningly depicts love this way:

“at first sight, we find love; at our first true seeing, the love that is already there touches us…I can work across from the same person for years, and one day, because my own suffering has opened me more fully than I can remember and because the light floods that person’s face, I can for the first time truly see who they are and feel love for them. I can walk by the same willow, season after season, and one day, because of the sheen of after-rain and the lowness of the wind, I can truly see the willow like never before, and feel love for the willow in all of us.”

Let it be a reminder that love comes in many forms and while it’s ignited by experiences we have externally, it always starts from within.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

{Willow tree art by Jenndalyn}

{Willow tree art by Jenndalyn}

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