It’s that time of year again-the week of that crazy holiday where singles feel inadequate and couples feel pressured to get the perfect gift.

As a teenager, I dreaded it. As an unpopular kid, I never got anything on Valentine’s Day. As a young woman in my 20s, I felt like it put on a spotlight on my singledom. When I finally did settle down, I was equally averse to the idea of having to buy something, go somewhere or do something fabulous to feel worthy of this love themed holiday.

Now I get it. I realize it is what you make of it. Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love in general, not just for your spouse or partner, but for your grandmother, your pet, your body, yourself.

Loving who you are isn’t just about accepting your flaws or being fond of the face in your mirror, it’s also about self-care. If you need a reminder, check out our posts this week on how to naturally manage anxiety, loving your body at any age, living more consciously, being mindful of your emotional triggers and reasons to be happy right now.

{Photo from Etsy.}

{Photo from Etsy}

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