Free Webinar: Introduction to NLPNLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming, a popular therapeutic and personal development system that has been changing lives since the early 1970’s. NLP strives to understand how each person creates their own inner world. Once you understand the structure of your inner experience, you can make simple yet dramatic changes, often very quickly.

Learning NLP opens the door to a new world of possibility. You’ll soon discover that what you think does not matter nearly as much as how you think. You’ll learn that each and every thought has a structure. Once you understand the structure of your thoughts, altering your thinking patterns is easy.

Attend this webinar as your introduction to NLP and learn:

  1. What is NLP
  2. How to understand the structure of your own thoughts
  3. A simple yet profound method of changing your thought structure to radically improve your experience in life
  4. How optimists and pessimists differ in their thinking structure, even though they may be having the same thoughts
  5. Simple and easy-to-learn tools to create change in your life
  6. A bold new perspective on personal growth that you may have never considered before

This session is presented by Mike Bundrant, a retired mental health counselor, practicing life coach and internationally certified NLP trainer with 25 years of experience. Mike blogs at for us here at NLP Discoveries and at

This webinar is a live 60-minute seminar, with a PowerPoint presentation.

DATE: Monday, February 10, 2014, 7:00 — 8:00 pm EST

Presented by Psych Central with host Zoë Kessler. There is no charge for the webinar.

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