The One Thing You Should Worry About on Superbowl SundayThe myth that domestic violence calls to hotlines spike during Superbowl Sunday has long since been debunked. We extensively discussed the research that puts this myth to rest 4 years ago here.

There’s also no relationship between suicide and Superbowl Sunday, in case you were wondering.

If it’s not domestic violence and it’s not suicide, then what’s the one thing that you should worry about on Superbowl Sunday?

According to the research, it’s motor vehicle accidents and fatalities after the game.

As we wrote four years ago:

On Super Bowl Sundays, compared to non-Super Bowl Sundays, Redelmeier & Stewart (2003) found a 41% relative increase in the average number of fatalities after the telecast on Super Bowl Sunday. So if there’s one piece of actionable advice you can take from the research, it’s to be very careful driving home after a Super Bowl Sunday get-together or party.

Yeah, that’s likely because of two factors — too much drinking and slippery conditions in many parts of the country (since it’s in February and all).

The Other One Thing You Should Worry About on Superbowl Sunday

And if that’s not worrying to you (maybe you’re staying at home, or the party is at your place), here’s a second thing you can worry about while watching the big game tonight.

A research study published more than six years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine examined 4,279 heart cases that occurred during the World Cup games. The World Cup is like the Superbowl, except for soccer. So one could argue it’s pretty equivalent.

The researchers found that men’s risk of having a heart attack was three times higher while watching their team play, while women’s risk was two times higher.

Something to keep in mind while watching the game this year — be aware of heart attack symptoms and take them seriously if your heart suddenly doesn’t feel right, you experience a sudden shortness of breath, or you feel dizzy, light-headed, or suddenly have difficulty speaking.

Otherwise, please enjoy the game and if you are driving, drive safely.