Maybe You Should Make a Relationship ResolutionAt the beginning of every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions — everything from losing weight to saving money or spending more time with their families. Unfortunately, these resolutions often are forgotten by February.

However, there is one resolution that’s rarely heard: “Let’s work on our relationship.”

While it may not be spoken, couples with marital issues may be hoping that their relationship improves this year. As couples struggle with communication and intimacy issues, their relationship becomes more and more strained.

This year, why not give yourself and your relationship a special gift: a commitment to work on yourself and the relationship as a whole. This truly will be the gift that keeps on giving – it will lelave you with a positive feeling throughout the year.

Is it time for a relationship tuneup? See how you answer these questions.

  • The way you speak to your spouse is important. Is it loving? Is it respectful? What about tone?
  • When your spouse is talking, are you listening to understand or are you listening with the intent to reply?
  • When you come home from work, are you giving your spouse your whole self, or what is left over from the day?
  • How do you and your partner resolve big issues? (finances, overspending, parenting, etc.)
  • Do you keep a scorecard on your partner?
  • What about in the bedroom? Is your sex life a chore? Do you make excuses not to be intimate with your partner? Are you holding out on sex because of resentment?
  • Are both you and your partner’s needs being met?
  • Are we spending quality time together or avoiding each other?
  • Do you feel as though the relationship is balanced?
  • Has trust been broken?

Couples counseling helps individuals rediscover their relationship while learning new ways to communicate more effectively. In addition, innumerable life events can affect sexual and emotional intimacy, resulting in a loss of connection. Working together with a trained therapist can help you become “unstuck” in your marital journey.