As I’m writing this, it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While the holiday brings different meaning to different people, to me it invites the opportunity to revisit the idea of freedom.

What does freedom mean today? What is its relevance in your own life?

Some of us are not limited physically, but we may be confined emotionally by our worries, our thoughts, our erroneous beliefs. A relative recently complained that he doesn’t do anything anymore. But when asked if he wanted to go somewhere he said, “It’s too far.”

We may not realize it, but the guard keeping us in of our cells is ourselves.

Freedom comes not just from being given control, but also in taking control. You may be suffering from illness and that can debilitate your life. But you don’t have to be imprisoned by it. Through meditation, reducing caffeine intake, changing your language, savoring simple things, and sharing inspiring quotes, our bloggers will show you how to be free no matter what’s imprisoning you.

{Flickr photo by net_efekt}

{Flickr photo by net_efekt}

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