Everywhere I go, people seem to be in a rush. The holidays have come and gone, but the urgency associated with the season stays. Horns are honking, people are pushy, and everyone’s on their phone texting instead of being present.

Yet, we’re simultaneously getting messages to pause, be still, take a breath. The opportunity awaits us in every moment.

It’s there when someone we love is grieving or upset. It beckons us to be quiet, listen and be present before jumping into minimize their pain with encouragement or consoling words.

It’s the moment after someone hurts, angers or disappoints you.

It’s the moment following an email or text written, but not yet sent.

It’s the moment you feel ill and want to immediately check the internet to self-diagnosis what you have.

Doing nothing seems easy. But it takes guts to let whatever you’re feeling sink in. It takes courage to take a breath when everything in your being wants to immediately react.

Whether you’re dealing with grief, illness, unhappiness or being a better parent, perhaps the key isn’t necessarily to do nothing, but to pause long enough to feel what you’re feeling and then decide what to do next. Hope our top posts this week helps you do just that!

{Flickr photo by deeplifequotes}

{Flickr photo by deeplifequotes}

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