Is Happiness Overrated?

It’s something we all desire. But it’s like chasing the end of the rainbow. It’s impossible to be happy all the time. And would we really want to be?

This is the time of year when promises for a hopeful future sizzles in the sun of what is. This could set us up for incredible disappointment if what we want seems unattainable. If we’re not happy, we’re failing right?

While “negative” moods are hardly celebratory worthy, they do have its purpose in our lives. Maybe the goal isn’t to rid ourselves completely of unfavorable emotions (which would be impossible anyway), but to let whatever emotions we feel get its own time in the sun. In acknowledging and accepting them, you might find they’re not as intolerable as you think.

Why not practice self-acceptance by having a little more compassion for those darker moods this week? There’s a lot of intriguing stuff here from understanding the relationships between stress and depression, mental illness and homelessness and healthy parenting and childhood wounds. And once you’ve spent enough time accepting those difficult emotions, you’ll also get tips on taking care of yourself and learning to start your day with a more positive mindset. It’s a nice mix of light and dark to help you get through your week.

{Flickr photo by onebrowncookie}

{Flickr photo by onebrowncookie}

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