Much of our youth is devoted to people-pleasing. It was, in fact, detrimental to our survival. But as we grow, we need to build an inner reservoir of love and esteem to counteract external negativity and criticism. If not, our adulthood picks up where childhood leaves off. We continually fight for approval, acceptance and recognition to fill up what we we lost. It’s a constant battle and most of us just succumb to living someone else’s life.

Author Peter Block quotes Carl Jung in his book The Answer to How is Yes:

“All consciousness begins with an act of disobedience.”

This quote was life changing to me. Instead of looking down on the black sheep, it reveals the beauty behind rebelling.

We all want to belong. We all desire love and acceptance. So when we feel alone or isolated, different or weird because of anxiety, depression, PTSD or addiction, we feel less than. This quote reminds me that being disobedient, breaking the mold of how we’re supposed to be, frees us to live a more aware and conscious life.

As you read this week’s post, try to see your life through this lens. Trauma and illness may have complicated things, but it’s also the catalyst that forced you to be more open, aware and conscious of yourself, your relationships and your life.

{Letterpress love card by The Mandate Press}

{Letterpress love card by The Mandate Press}

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