Pause. It’s a word rarely used in our vernacular. Especially now when everyone’s anxious to share everything via social media. If you’re not part of the post-holiday buzz, you’re missing out.

2014 barely started and already my inbox is flooded with post-holiday sales, diet gimmicks, juice cleanses. But I’d say before we jump into the new year, in fact, before you jump into anything, take a breath.

Pause before you send out that email/post/tweet/FB update.

Pause before responding to that insensitive relative.

Pause before you buy that new outfit/car/exercise machine, etc.

Change is a good thing. Staying in shape. Losing weight. Sticking up for yourself. These are all positive things to partake in in 2014. But sometimes we focus too much on the dramatic transformations in our lives to fill us when what we’re really wanting is love, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, peace, and happiness.

Take a breather with this week’s new posts and find the path to what you really want this year.

{Handmade by ColleenAttaraStudio}

{Handmade by ColleenAttaraStudio}

9 Small Ways To Build A Better Body Image In 2014
(Weightless) – Instead of weight loss in 2014, why not try weight love? Margarita will show you how with her beautiful ways to love and take care of your body and spirit in the new year.

5 Million Untreated, Severely Ill Hit Hard
(No Family Madder) – These statistics show the real and hard truth. There’s no hiding behind the powerful impact mental illness has on all of us, not just the individuals who are personally affected by it. Find out why it’s not just her or his problem. It’s our problem.

A Failed Mental Health System: The Top 5 Failures
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – When the system fails, we all suffer. In the case of the mental health system, not only are patients affected but their caregivers, family members and friends. See the five failed areas that are significantly impacting this group here.

A Happiness Strategy for the New Year
(Character Strengths) – Want more happiness? Surprisingly, the key to having more is found in having less. Follow the steps of this unique intervention to boost your mood in 2014.

Can You Find Forgiveness?
(Anger Management) – Grappling with forgiveness? If you find yourself asking why you should forgive someone, read this.