It’s Christmas Eve. For those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

While this time of year, we’re focused on material things, there are other gifts to be treasured. For me, it’s about learning to lower my expectations and accepting the reality of what is. It’s a hard lesson to learn. But it’s a gift that lasts longer than anything I open on Christmas morning.

This year, I was finally able to release some of the pain that comes with disappointment from not getting the love, compassion, attention or support I need by hearing the quote below.

On Oprah’s Life Class, Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “When you are a 10-gallon person and you want love, you want it on a 10-gallon level. They could be giving you all that they have…but it doesn’t fill you up because you’re bigger than that.” In other words, suffering comes when what we want and desire doesn’t meet up with the reality of what we’re given. Instead of accepting what is, we agonize over what we don’t have. Maybe it’s not that the people in your life aren’t giving you what they need because they don’t want to. Maybe it’s because they can’t.

This week, we’ve turned the tables a bit. Instead of focusing our energies on other people, our bloggers are helping us to tune into ourselves. Since we cannot control others, make them say, do, or be the person we need them to be, all we can do is change, love and take care of ourselves. These posts will help you do that. Let it be the best Christmas gift you receive this year. Merry Christmas!

{Flickr photo by Bunches and Bits}

{Flickr photo by Bunches and Bits}

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