I’d like to say there’s something about this time of year that turns me into a holiday angel radiating hope, wonder and peace. That’s the way I think the holidays should make me feel. But I’m usually filled with anxiety, regret, disappointment and stress.

The temptation to indulge in food and drink that make me feel less than. The busy-ness of the season, the expectation of perfection, the weather change, the desire to please, the numerous gatherings with family and friends are all opportunities to fail and fail miserably.

By the new year, I’m exhausted and compiling a list of resolutions sure to make next year different.

This year it is.

I’ve been listening to a tape by neuropsychologist and bestselling author Rick Hanson, PhD. In The Enlightened Brain he talks about changing your brain’s innate tendency to harp on negativity by infusing it with positive experiences. In other words, you can work on actually savoring moments instead of downplaying them. And the result?

These posts remind me that it is possible. Reading them you’ll learn how to have more joy and happiness this season whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression or emotional baggage. And you may even discover your own inner holiday angel.

{Vintage angel from the Etsy shop thewhiterabbitstudio}

{Vintage angel from the Etsy shop thewhiterabbitstudio}

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