I recently heard Dr. Andrew Weil talk about the benefits of herbal remedies for physical ailments. The belief is that by strengthening your body’s natural tendency to heal itself, you can prevent illness. This is in vast comparison to Western medicine, which often focuses on treatment, eradicating what’s not working in the body through medicines and other type of permanent treatment.

While both ways of thinking are necessary at times for health and healing, we often neglect our own internal resources to heal not just physical illness, but to improve our mental health.

This week our bloggers are discussing ways you can heal from the inside out. With everything from learning how to forgive yourself and others to finding out the secrets to happiness, you’ll get resources to improve your mood, boost your health and cultivate joy in a more natural way.

{Photo from Etsy shop Lolasjewels}

{Photo from Etsy shop Lolasjewels}


The ABC’s of Mental Health and Happiness
(Parenting Tips) – For a shot of instant happiness, read these alphabetical list of skills. From Awareness to Zeal, you’ll find just the thing you need to remedy what’s currently ailing you.

Self-forgiveness: 7 Ways We Block Personal Growth
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – The hardest person you have to forgive isn’t your co-worker, the friend who betrayed you or an ex-lover. It’s yourself. Sometimes we develop these detrimental coping skills in response.

Forgiving Can Protect Your Health:Evidenced-Based Strategies
(Healing Together for Couples) – This post provides another reason why forgiveness is important. Forgiving another could improve your physical health. Read this to learn a few strategies to help you forgive.

Mindfulness: Hollywood Takes Notice
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Find out why this blogger believes “we’re witnessing the seeds of the evolution of the human being.”

How to be Happy…
(Therapy That Works) – Most people want to be happy. But what does it mean to be happy and how do you achieve it? One professor disproves the theory that money can’t buy happiness.