As I’m writing this, it’s Thanksgiving Day. If there ever was a day to be grateful, it’s today. But as I’m typing this, I’m thinking about the quiche in the oven, the pet that hasn’t gotten fed, the crying baby, the relatives who aren’t here to help. Instead of gratitude, I feel overwhelmed.

When everything’s going well in my life, gratitude is easy. I can fill up the pages in my journal with my good fortune-the great job, the loving friends, the fun day. But when things are hard, I focus on the things that aren’t going right. Gratitude goes out the window with my good mood.

Our bloggers reminded me this week that you don’t need a perfect life to be grateful. A friendly smile is just as worthy of gratitude as the big promotion. The food on the table just as wonderful as a luxurious trip. Happy people aren’t luckier than the rest of us. They’ve just learned how to find pearls in every circumstance. You’ll find ample things to be grateful for in our top posts below no matter what you’re going through.

{Flickr photo by Julie Jordan Scott}

{Flickr photo by Julie Jordan Scott}

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Cultivating Gratitude Every Day
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