Happy Thanksgiving 2013Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loyal readers! This is our 18th year celebrating a Thanksgiving with you, and for that we are extremely thankful.

I like to spend this time of the year being grateful and appreciative for all of the good things I have in my life, and not dwell on the things I don’t have. Especially non-materialistic things — things like my family (all of whom are in good health and spirits), my friends, my online buddies, my colleagues from around the world, and all of the good so many people have done to help change the message about mental health… From one of shame and hiding, to one of hope, science and illumination.

I am also eternally grateful for what we’ve done here with Psych Central and all of the wonderful, dedicated souls who work on it. I’d like to acknowledge the hard work of our staff, editors, the dozens of volunteers, and all of our community members who make Psych Central possible. Without you, this site wouldn’t exist as it does today. We now serve over 5 million people each month.

If you’re spending the day with family, I wish you a stress-free day filled with as little family drama as possible. If you’re spending the day alone, I wish you a quiet day of solitude and peace.

On behalf of everyone here at Psych Central, I want to wish you a very warm and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday this season.

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS – If you’re tearing your hair out today dealing with family, relatives or something else related to the holiday, I suggest our updated Thanksgiving Coping Guide.

PPS – And if Thanksgiving’s got you down, you might find some relief by reading Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker’s wonderful holiday e-book for only 99 cents: Tending the Family Heart Through the Holidays or Therese Borchard’s classic 12 Ways to Be Thankful.

PPPS – We’re going to take the rest of the day off from blogging here, so enjoy your day!