In a few days, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US. The upcoming holiday brings about a lot of things: rest, fun, momentous memories, and a delicious gathering of love, laughter and good food.

At the same time, Thanksgiving also brings about fear, sadness, temptation and disappointment. For many, the holidays are just as much an opportunity for dysfunction, below-the-belt fighting and reminder of a painful past.

Added to that is the fact that no one can live up to the picture perfect images of smiling faces, Iron Chef worthy turkeys and loving friends and family often shown in TV and movies. It can leave us all feeling less than, stressed out, isolated and even depressed.

What you should know is that you’re not alone. In fact, our bloggers are all addressing it this week with tips on how to survive and cope. Now is the time to rest, read up, try new ways of celebrating the season and above all this, be kind to yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

{Flickr photo by Kate Mereand-Sinha}

{Flickr photo by Kate Mereand-Sinha}

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