You’re so stupid. Why did you do that? No wonder no one likes you. You’re weak. Crazy. Unlovable. What’s wrong with you?

These are the words that wreak havoc on our soul. Sometimes they’re from external sources, but a lot of times they come from within. When allowed to take residence in our minds, they end up spoiling our relationships, unique talents, and what’s good in our lives.

While we can’t completely wade out the negative voices, we can make an attempt to draw in more positive ones. Turning love inward requires self-acceptance, which we can find from supportive people, by sharing our challenges and by making a conscious effort to speak kindly to ourselves.  It’s a process and a life-long journey, but the benefits have a ripple effect on our lives.

This week our bloggers are putting a magnifying glass over things like anger, love, panic attacks, trauma and chronic pain. As these posts show, it’s vulnerability and sharing difficult experiences in an open and honest way that starts the process of self-healing. Read it and you’ll feel understood. Share it and you’ll promote positive feelings of acceptance and compassion.

{photo credit: Flickr photo by Loving Earth}

{photo credit: Flickr photo by Loving Earth}

What Does A Panic Attack Look Like? Watch This Young Woman’s Honest Video
(Panic About Anxiety) – You can’t get much more real than this. Here’s an honest look at a panic attack from the point of view of a woman experiencing it.

Anger Management is Fear Management
(360 of Mindful Living) – Anger comes from fear. But what are we all afraid of? Find out why it’s the paper tigers in our lives that keep us scared.

What is Love & What is Not
(The Psychology of Success) – Maybe you grew up in a household filled with more anger than love. If you’re lacking wisdom of what true love really is (whether for yourself or another), read this.

Why Do Flashbacks Happen?
(After Trauma) – Trauma symptoms such as flashbacks, hypervigilance, dissociation and avoidance are difficult to comprehend for someone who hasn’t ever experienced them. But it’s a way of life for those who have been traumatized. This post defines the symptoms giving us a clear picture of a traumatizing event’s devastating effects.

Underestimating Strength with Chronic Pain
(Living With Chronic Pain) – Dealing with daily chronic pain can make you feel weak. But as this blogger discovers, it is because of everything you have endured that you are stronger than you think.