What’s it mean to truly take care of yourself?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately since becoming a work-at-home mom. As one of the hardest jobs I’ve had, it’s taught me about the importance of self-care. But while daily practices like getting a massage, drinking a cup of tea or taking a walk were essential to my overall well-being, their good feeling never lasted very long.

I learned that self-care didn’t mean a thing unless I believed I deserved it.


Because when you have a long list of things to do and you don’t believe that accomplishing them is dependent on putting yourself as a priority, you won’t do them. Believe me. When there’s a choice between staying with what’s unhealthy and comfortable or confronting what’s not working in your life, it’s a lot easier to choose to do the former. The toxic friend? The bad therapist? You’re opt to stay with what’s familiar even if it means sacrificing your long-term health.

As you’ll find out this week, doing what’s difficult in the present will open a door to a future you never dreamed possible. Whether it’s finding a new therapist, letting go of a toxic relationship, getting more sleep or engaging in activities that nourishes your spirit, our posts below will remind you that of all the tasks you need to do, taking care of yourself is most important.

{Flickr photo by latisha}

{Flickr photo by latisha}

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