Mindfulness is a buzz word these days. But is it a trendy concept, a fad, or a realistic way of living your life?

First of all, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a break, a mini-vacation from your thoughts and yet it’s hard work. It’s a way of opening your heart by being present and completely aware of the moment. It’s both simple and complex, difficult and easy to practice.

Mindfulness requires checking into your life. At the surface, it feels refreshingly new and exciting. If you practice it, you will never feel more alive. At the same time, being more present also requires you to step into the dark shadows of fear, doubt, and pain, shadows that you may have been trying to avoid.

Many of us live in a bubble. We watch the news, search the internet, shop online and gossip with our friends as a way to detach from the realities of our lives. But change, disappointment, relationships, even an upcoming Halloween party can force us to see outside of our protective shells. We can either continue to hide from what’s scary and deny it or we can open our eyes and walk fearful, but courageously through it. This week’s post will teach you how to bravely accomplish the latter with tips on taking care of yourself in the process. Read them mindfully.

{Flickr photo by Ruby Sinreich}

{Flickr photo by Ruby Sinreich}

Compassion: No Return Address Needed
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Self-Care During Transition & Stressful Times
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The Deeper Meaning Of Compassion
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Relationship Killer: “You should have known what I want…”
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Still Life With Anxiety: An In-The-Moment Internal Monologue of Negative Thinking
(Panic About Anxiety) – Stress happens. When it happens to an anxious person, it’s like a volcano ready to erupt. In this honest post, Summer shares what it’s like to juggle both a brunch and a Halloween party when you’ve got anxiety and a phobia.