Courage is saying, “Yes” as much as it is saying, “No.” It all depends on the circumstance. Instead of being a people pleaser and giving up our needs in lieu of someone else, for example, it’s about letting go of impressing others and loving our self. Instead of closing our hearts to opportunity, it’s taking a chance even when we’re scared.

Courage means saying, “Yes” to self-care, to imperfection, to self-love. When we do that, saying, “No” becomes easier.

This week you may be grappling with perfection, anxiety, or just integrating more joyful moments in your life. But to do so you need to accept your imperfections, confront your demons, and learn to let things go. Our top posts will help you do all of the above so you can have the courage to choose to do what’s best for yourself.

{Etsy print by The Silver Spider}

{Etsy print by The Silver Spider}

The Basics Of How Anxiety Affects The Body
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – At its best, anxiety can motivate us to take action. At its worse, it can paralyze us into inaction and lead to illness and wreak havoc on our lives. If you’re plagued by anxiety, this will help you cope.

Forget Perfection And Live A Happier Life
(Therapy Soup) – Perfection is impossible. Yet, we continue to strive for it. It’s caused devastating consequences on a societal and an individual level. How do you free yourself from the chains of perfection? Read this.

8 Tips to Help You Laugh Your Way to Health and Happiness
(Parenting Tips) – What’s the best remedy to heal emotional wounds, protect us from the ravages of stress, and help us feel connected to others? Laughter. Need some help? Check out these 8 tips. P.S. Tip #2 is one my favorite.

The Truth About Male Depression
(Living a Balanced Life) – If you’re a man, you may be depressed and you and your doctor might not even know it. Why? Symptoms of depression in men may go unnoticed because it looks different than in women. Here’s what you should look out for.

Your Halloween Costume May Reveal Your Shadow Side
(The Psychology of Success) – In honor of the upcoming holiday, here’s a fun post on what your Halloween costume says about you.