Our world is made up of good and bad days. As Charles Dickens writes in The Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” Yet when fraught with illness, we can get so preoccupied with getting better we lose track of the happy moments.

It’s the same when we watch the news on TV or search for information regarding our symptoms online. Instead of what’s working, our mind tends to zero in on what’s not. Being cognizant of joyful moments, does not mean we negate negative ones. It is not about being in denial or being a Pollyanna. It’s about recognizing all the complexities in our lives.

This week you’ll get a dose of both sad and happy news with helpful information, and tips. Learning to accept the wide array of your emotions and finding balance is key. It’s about doing things to make you happy, but also knowing that happiness is fleeting. It’s not about perfection, permanent states of happiness or about living a problem-free life. It’s about being okay with all of it at least some of the time. Hope you’ll find a little bit of what you’re looking for this week.

{Flickr photo by McKay Savage}

{Flickr photo by McKay Savage}

Dealing With Cyberbullying: Online and Dangerous
(Healing Together for Couples) – Bullying has taken on a whole other level with the introduction of the internet. Rebecca Sedwick’s story remind us about the seriousness and potential harm of cyberbullying. Learn how you can protect your kids and/or yourself from being a victim of electronic harassment.

80 Reasons For Happiness
(Partners in Wellness) – Need a reason to be happy? With 80 things you can do to be joyful, there’s multiple ways you can feel good right now.

Are People Diagnosed With Psychological Disorders Susceptible To Peer Pressure?
(Mental Health Humor) – Peer pressure can be a good thing? According to Chato, the people you hang around can have a positive impact on you as well.

Depression: Unrealistic Expectations for Happiness?
(Relationships in Balance) – Your misconception of happiness could be worsening your depression. Find out how your erroneous beliefs could be sabotaging your chance for true happiness.

Brain Study Finds Similarity Between Porn and Alcohol/Drug Addiction
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) – Is sexually compulsive behavior an addiction? Lack of research has created a firestorm of opinions, with extremists on both sides. It’s got this blogger asking the following: “How many self-proclaimed ‘sex addicts’ is it going to take to get people to agree on an addiction model for sexually compulsive behavior?”