One of the unexpected side effects of healing and recovery is the negative push back you may receive from friends and family. Instead of support, encouragement and positive feedback, loved ones are resentful, spiteful and angry.


Everyone handles change in different ways. While you’ve been successful at changing your own life, those around you may not be. In fact, your ability to thwart difficulty forces them to confront their own inner demons. And they won’t like it. Instead of commiserating over mutual woes, you’ve learned to take responsibility for your own life and that leaves them feeling abandoned, miserable and alone.

The fear of leaving your loved ones in their mess may prevent you from overcoming your own. It’s comfortable to stay in the role you’re in. Why should you shake things up?

Taking care of yourself is your responsibility, but other people’s problems? That’s none of your business. This week shift the spotlight off a loved one onto yourself with posts on how to improve both your physical and mental health.

{Flickr photo by Jason A. Samfield}

{Flickr photo by Jason A. Samfield}

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