Searching for happiness is like looking for the holy grail. Everyone wants it. But no one knows how to get it.

For some, it’s money. For others, it’s a relationship or home, a better body or better health. Basically, anything that completes the following sentence “I would be so much happier if ______” makes the list.

But can happiness be found? Or is it a fleeting emotion to be enjoyed and savored, but part of the journey not a destination to be reached?

You may find yourself disappointed if you’re on a path toward happiness. Instead in honor of World Mental Health Day, these bloggers share their thoughts, resources and information on ways to garner more happy moments through recovery, service, awareness, and eliminating common time zappers from your life.

{Hashtag happy necklace by EmilinaBallerina}

{Hashtag happy necklace by EmilinaBallerina}

Recovery from Schizoaffective Disorder is Possible
(Channel N) – What’s it really like to have schizoaffective disorder? One man shares his story of hope, healing and recovery in this inspiring documentary.

Mindfulness Does Not Lead To Happiness
(Bipolar Advantage) – Many people are disappointed when mindfulness does not automatically lead to happiness. The truth is being more aware means you’ll experience a full range of your emotions (painful and negative ones included). This post helps debunk the mindfulness myth with information on how to find more bliss, not happiness, in your life.

The Key Ingredient to Well-Being and Good Health
(Cultivating Contentment & Happiness) – Turns out being good to others also means being good to yourself. Find out why serving others is not just good for your soul, but for your body too.

World Mental Health Day: Eating Disorders In Older Adults
(Weightless) – Older adults are not immune from developing eating disorders. This post looks at what makes this age group so susceptible.

9 Ways We Waste Time
(Anger Management) – Feel like you never have enough time to do everything? Learn what time wasters may be interfering with your ability to use time effectively.