Autumn’s been official for only a few days now, but here in on the east coast, the leaves are already starting to turn; some of them are falling off their trees already!

The mix of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown contrasted against bright blue skies is only one reason fall is my favorite season.

Speaking of so many different things all serving one purpose, this week’s Psych Central bloggers really went out of their way to provide you with an eclectic mix of help information. Take some time this weekend to enjoy it!

Fall Leaves 2

6 Ways Media Interviews Will Help Your Practice
(Private Practice Toolbox)–Julie Hanks explains that even if you don’t see a huge boost in referrals, media interviews can still benefit your practice in big ways. Think reaching expert status, creating fresh and consistent content, and even creating multiple income streams.

5 Ways Failure Leads to Emotional Success
(Inside Out)–There’s no way around it: failure sucks. At least, that’s our initial reaction, right? Well, Dr. Jennifer Kromberg, there are five whole ways failing actually leads to success of the emotional variety.

A Partner in Pain: How to Help Two
(Partners in Wellness)–“How to Help Two” is the sequel to A Partner in Pain: How to Help, but with all the extra information (and the clever play on words!), how could we pass up sharing it? Whereas in her first post, Joan Winifred offers advice like offer comforting hugs, take care of appointment making, and picking up the slack with household chores, the second installment advises us on how to learn to be quiet, find comfort, recover, and not “scratch”–and how it all applies to you and your partner.

The Intersection Between Violence, Depravity, Depression, and My Career
(Depression On My Mind)–Don’t let the title fool you. In some ways, we can all relate to news reporter Christine Stapleton’s tale of covering a news story that’s both grisly and (could potentially have been) close to home–specifically, learning how to cope and continue on with the job.

5 Ways to Bounce Back From Everyday Stress
(Bounce Back)–Whether you oversleep, forget your child’s soccer game, remember a critical errand right before bed–we all suffer some level of stress everyday, don’t we? Bobbi Emel explains five ways we can deal with that stress, from learning to let go of what we can’t control to reminding ourselves it usually works out okay.