Happy Tuesday, readers!

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the States, a day we Americans take a break in our busy lives to celebrate the hard work our citizens do to help make our country what it is.

On that note, let’s begin today’s Best of Our Blogs by talking about… laziness!

In Praise of Laziness
(Bonding Time) — Holly Brown explains why “lazy” days aren’t bad, and offers a few clues how you can tell when it’s time for you to take a lazy day or two.

Love, Heartbreak, & How to Recover
(The Psychology of Success) — Joyce Marter explains the highs and lows of romantic love, shows us how the five stages of grief can most definitely apply to breakups, and offers a few tips on getting through the aftermath of a broken heart.

Reasons Not to Give Up On Someone You Love
(Neuroscience & Relationships) — When someone is acting in hurtful ways, it might feel like the best thing to do for yourself is leave. Stop subjecting yourself to the pain. However, Dr. Athena Staik explains there are reasons to keep the hope alive and why keep the hope alive matters.

A Reminder about Change and Building a Healthy Sense of Self
(Weightless) — Margarita Tartakovsky reminds us that change is intimidating and scary; she also reminds us that the benefits of change are often greater.

3 Reasons Why Young People Should Volunteer
(Resilient Youth) — Pamela LiVecchi says just because school’s in session doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no time for some character- and community-building volunteer work.