It’s all about relationships for this weekend’s Psych Central readers!

From setting the bar too low and overreacting in your relationships to from keeping anger over past relationships from affecting current relationships, we have everything you need for a love-filled weekend.

Or, at least, for beefing up on ways to improve your current partnerships!

The Problem Isn’t Expecting Too Much From Your Relationship; It’s in Setting the Bar Too Low
(Building Relationship Skills) — Think you’ve set yourself up for failure because your expectations are too high? Think again. Linda and Charlie Bloom say your problem could be the opposite: Your expectations are actually too low.

Overreacting in Your Relationship: Reasons and Remedies
(Healing Together for Couples) — Your partner can bring out the best in your; unfortunately, your partner can also bring out the worst in you, and that includes overreacting. Suzanne Phillips explains that even if you’re not the one triggering your overreactions, you are the one doing the reacting, and you can change the way you react.

Is Anger From the Past Ruining Your Marriage?
(Anger Management) — Aaron Karmin gives us a play-by-play on how he helped one patient learn how to move away from living in the past to step toward living in the future and to start controlling what he can rather than blaming himself — and hurting others — for what he can’t.

Singles Videos: Not Your Grandmother’s Take On Single Life
(Single at Heart) — Dr. Bella DePaulo shares clips of Kate Bolick (“All the Single Ladies” author) answering various single-lady questions, from whether staying single is a personal failure to how single people deal with serious situations like getting sick and growing older without a partner.

Release Yourself From Desire
(360 Degrees of Mindful Living) — OK, so the kind of desire Dr. Pavel Somov’s talking about isn’t necessarily the kind of desire related to love, but the overall message — learning mindful action that isn’t motivated by desire — can be applied to various life situations, including relationships.