Get out your notebooks and sharpen your pencils! This edition of “Best of Our Blogs” is all about learning, dear readers!

Some of us are heading back to school; some of us are learning how to better assert ourselves or communicate. Others of us need to learn how to overcome our fears in order to enrich our lives (especially our romantic lives, *wink, wink*).

Back to School and What to Expect: Different Grade, Different Pressures
(Tales of Manic Depression) — Some of you will be heading back to school in just a few weeks! It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a stressful time – more so for some than others. Erica Loberg explains to parents and students what they can expect during high school and the transition to college including standardized tests, entering their own “new world,” and the anxiety of creating their lives after college.

Teaching Children about Guilt
(Resilient Youth) — As adults, we’re accustomed to dealing with guilt. For those who recognize guilt and handle it in healthy ways, guilt can actually help motivate moral actions and decency. According to Dr. Pamela LiVecchi, guilt can be a confusing emotion for children, but there are ways we can help kids learn to cope with and utilize the guilt they feel.

Intimacy 101: 3 Important Things to Consider
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) — Dr. Linda Hatch explains that sex addiction is considered an “intimacy disorder” because many addicts fear intimacy and try to avoid it. She offers three ideas for sex addicts to begin changing the way they feel about intimacy. Of course, these suggestions might just benefit others with intimacy problems, too.

Communicating With Your Doctors: A How-To Guide
(Living With Chronic Pain) — Our doctors are the people who help us, but how can they help us if we can’t, or won’t, communicate with them? Maybe we’re embarrassed; maybe we’re afraid. Whatever the case, Tracy Rydzy explains why good, clear communication with our doctors is so important and offers 10 tips to help create the rapport we need with our doctors.

Freeing Yourself by Being Direct
(The Psychology of Success in Business) — People pleasers (and lots of other folks) rejoice! Joyce Marter explains exactly why being direct can be scary but why it’s so important; tells what causes us to avoid being direct; and gives suggestions for being direct. Try them out this week!


We couldn’t end today’s post without sharing some exciting news from our Mindful Parenting blogger, Carla Naumburg. Carla is currently working on her first book, which will “draw on [her] personal journey through parenthood, [her] professional and academic experience in clinical social work, and [her] ongoing practice of mindfulness.” Berkeley-based nonprofit publishing house Parallax Press will publish the book in the fall of 2014. Congratulations, Carla!