The human experience is full of emotions. How we feel about events in our life depends on the event itself, our past experiences, our personalities and our current state of mind. Some people, including myself, experience feelings very deeply and take on other people’s emotions, which can become overwhelming. Some people shut down in an attempt to keep any feelings, particularly the negative ones, at bay. Either extreme can lead us to express ourselves in unhealthy ways, such as developing an obsessive behavior, lashing out at others, and self-medicating, to name a few.

We have to find a balance in handling our emotions so that we can face them and process them in a healthy manner. This allows us to understand why we feel the way we do, to react in a healthy manner and work through experiences so we learn from them. This week’s blogs make us think about our feelings.

Best of Our Blogs: July 23, 2013

Learn to Love Small Changes
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Change is scary for many people and for us sensitive types, it can be a little scarier. When your emotions are so intense, a break from the routine can be overwhelming, even if it ends up being positive. This blogger explains why it is important to step out of our comfort zone and gives us some practical tips on how to start.

Uncovering Emotional Triggers
(Parenting Tips) – We all have emotional triggers and have watched someone react to an emotional trigger. Often we cannot pinpoint why we or someone else reacts so strongly to a situation, but when we start to pay attention and connect the dots, it becomes as clear as day. This blog explains the physical component of these triggers (hint: it’s in the brain) and how we can become more aware of them so we stop reacting in unhealthy ways.

Strength, Invisible Illness, and Chronic Pain
(Living with Chronic Pain) – Physical pain is something many people live with on a daily basis. This blogger suffers from chronic pain and writes about how it is hard is to show people that she is in pain because she looks healthy. She struggles between wanting people to understand what she is feeling and asking for help when she needs it without being perceived as weak and helpless.

Walling Ourselves Off
(Mind Matters, Neuroscience & Consciousness) – This blog looks at how many have cut themselves off from the idea of the spiritual, that realm where belief in a higher power is itself a highly emotional experience. We are reminded that spirituality allows us to ponder big questions that encourage further exploration and step outside of our physical senses.

Learn How to THINK Wisely
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Many of us tend to react to things, especially when they challenge what we believe to be true and right. But sometimes it is important to step away from our initial feelings and ask why we feel the way we do and if those feelings are appropriate. This blogger takes a look at a recent commercial that generated strong feelings and asks people who were offended to analyze their feelings and determine if they need to change how they think — and feel.