A romantic relationship is one of the most rewarding, and difficult, types of relationship. The adrenaline rush of the first date, first kiss or first overnight trip puts us on cloud nine. And even though those wonderful moments are what we imagine should dominate the relationship, it is important to remember the other side – working through the tough times. To be successful, you must communicate your feelings in a healthy and loving manner and allow the other person to do the same.

More often than not, romantic relationships end. The intensity that brings two people together is never a match for the pain felt after separating. And in today’s world of social media, a clean breakup is difficult to navigate each time you go into your cell phone contacts or log into your Facebook account. This week’s Best of Our Blogs looks at the beginnings and endings of romantic relationships and everything in between.

Best of Our Blogs: July 12, 2013

I Attracted the Right Person, Now What?
(Building Relationship Skills) – You asked for “the one” to come into your life, they did and you are on top of the world. Your prayers have been answered, but did you think to pray for a relationship that values the good times enough to work through the not-so-good times? This blog looks at how to sustain a healthy relationship with the love of your life.

10 Reasons Couples Break Up
(Anger Management) – Unfortunately, most of our romantic relationships do come to an end. It can happen for many reasons and it is important to understand why a relationship did not work out. This can help you learn about yourself and what not to do in the next relationship. This blog discusses 10 different reasons romantic relationships do not work out.

What Sexual Addiction is NOT…
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – Sex is an important part of most romantic relationships, and sexual addiction can be a serious problem. But many are using it to excuse behavior that does not rise to the level of an addiction. It is important to understand what sexual addiction is and what it is not and this blog discusses that.

You Can Love – One Day at a Time
(Couples in Recovery) – Having been hurt in a current or past relationship can make loving someone very difficult. But it is not impossible. This blog is the first in a series that explores how you can open your heart after the pain.

Social Media: When Your Ex Contacts You
(Tales of Manic Depression) – So you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend about a month ago and one day, on your Facebook page, you see he or she has left a message. What do you do? Respond right away, wait awhile or ignore it completely? Keeping in touch with an ex can bring up a lot of old feelings, and affect current and future relationships. Before pressing the reply button, read this blog.