Our emotional experiences as human beings are complex, and for many of us the ultimate goal is to find a state of permanent happiness. While that is a worthy goal, life just does not allow most of us to attain that kind of bliss. There are many times when we are bombarded with negativity from others — and from within our own mind.

But there are ways to help us cope better in situations that create negative emotional experiences. We can also choose to deal with the negative emotions in a healthy manner and feel more positive emotions which can change our outlook on life. Reaching out to others can help us understand that many of us have gone through similar experiences.

Several blogs this week highlight why and how to deal with negative emotions, how to feel what others are feeling and how to create more positivity.

Best of Our Blogs: July 9, 2013

Stress and Its Effect on Physical Pain
(Chronic Pain) – It’s important to understand that stress takes a real toll on us. Our physical health is an important indicator of that.

When Others Make Us Angry
(Anger Management) – We cannot control how others treat us. But we can control how we respond. This blog gives practical tips on how to do that.

Practice Empathy for Better Relationships at Home & Work
(The Psychology of Success) – Empathy gives us a better understanding of another person’s experiences and helps us to understand that we all experience the same emotions.

27 Relaxing Ways to Spend the Weekend Practicing Self-Care
(Weightless) – In order to handle all the things that are thrown at us and give of ourselves, we need to recharge. In this blog, you will discover exactly 27 ways to do just that.

Using the Power of your Environment to Promote Positive Change
(World of Psychology) – Often we feel helpless in our attempt to develop a better outlook, but we do have the power to change that. This blog will help you develop a space where you alone create the positivity.