We have so many conveniences in life these days. Technology has made it easier for us to save time with gadgets, apps and tech toys so we have more time to spend with those we love. But while we seem to love these supposedly easier ways of living, we still experience tremendous guilt and regret for time we “should” be spent doing something else.

We struggle with making time with friends and family because we barely have moments for ourselves. While we’re posting pics of our 4th of July holiday party, we’re lamenting the loss of simpler days. All that time devoted to sharing our lives via social media seems to be sucking our social life dry. Ironic isn’t it?

When we finally find ourselves with free time to indulge in, we can’t enjoy it. Instead we feel anxious, uncomfortable, and guilty. Relaxing and doing nothing seem frivolous. As a relative often tells me, “I don’t want to just sit here and waste time!” How should we spend this long holiday weekend then? If we’re not doing errands, working on a project, or doing something enviable with friends and family, then does that mean the time we’re spending is going to waste? When did we place so much importance on doing versus being?

This holiday I hope you’ll give yourself permission to relax. Start by reading our posts and you’ll garner the gifts and wisdom of our bloggers who will show you how to relax, be happier, remove guilt and take time for yourself.

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