No matter how good you get at say managing your anger or recognizing your triggers, life will always stump you with something more challenging. I was reminded of that recently when an unexpected comment threw me for a loop.

Has a person’s critical comment, voice or action ever rattled you?

If so, you can understand what happens when a thought, a criticism or a negative belief can harp on your good mood. Maybe it was a seemingly benign statement about your performance at work, a passive aggressive statement from a relative, or a moment of self-pity that overtook you. Whatever got you in a tail spin can easily take you from anxious to anger in a millisecond.

How do you cope?

Finding ways to distract yourself from what’s temporarily ailing you could help. These posts should do that and give you insight into more permanent healing.

This week, one of our top posters shares seven helpful ways to combat a common complaint-the Sunday Blues. You’ll also learn how food can help improve your mood, how your early relationship with dad can positively or negatively impact your current romantic relationships, and why self-pity has a place in your ability to cope. Perhaps, you will never have all the answers or respond to every challenge perfectly. But that’s not the goal. As these posts show, the most important thing we can do is to keep learning, growing and stumbling through to the next lesson in life.

{Flickr photo by Aga Slodownik}

7 Ways to Stop Sunday Night Anxiety/Depression
(The Psychology of Success in Business) – Suffering from the Sunday Blues? Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression so you can start your week off right. Read what one expert recommends.

How a Dad Shapes His Daughter’s Romantic Relationships
(Inside Out) – We often overlook the importance of a father’s role in their daughter’s future relationships. This post points out some of the ways early male figures can shape your expectations and preferences in romantic partners.

The Benefits of Anxiety: What’s Wrong With It, What’s Right With It.
(Tales of Manic Depression) – Can there be a bright side to anxiety? Surprisingly, yes. Find out what elements of anxiety can actually improve your productivity.

A Gut Feeling: Probiotics and Changes in Brain Activity
(Cultivating Contentment & Happiness) – Yogurt as an emotional regulator? Your gut as a second brain? It’s not science fiction folks. Research studies actually show the positive impact probiotics (what’s found in yogurt products these days) can have on anxiety and tension.

Anger and Chronic Pain
(Living with Chronic Pain) – Ever ask yourself, “Why me?” One chronic pain sufferer shares why it’s important to feel and express your feelings even if what you’re experiencing are anger and self-pity.