Introducing See-Saw Parenting: From Cradle to College & BeyondFrom my own childhood and what my family and friends who have children tell me, parenting is hard. I never thought it was much of a cake-walk myself, and that’s why I opted to be childfree. It’s a lot — and I mean a lot — of work. And it requires a commitment that has to last at least 18 years.

With no guarantee of any kind of “reward,” other than you did your best to raise your child as well as you could, given the circumstances. That’s why it never hurts to have just a little more help.

While there are hundreds of parenting resources to choose from — both online and in more traditional book form — there is always room for a new, fresh perspective. And that’s why I’m pleased to introduce Ellen Toronto, Ph.D.’s new blog, See-Saw Parenting: From Cradle to College & Beyond.

Here’s how she describes the blog:

My blog is not just about “doing parenting”, but rather about being a parent and the life-changing and “soul-full” commitment it requires. It is written for the bewildered parent—one who comes to parenting unprepared for the relentless demands that children make. It is for those individuals who like my husband and me came from difficult childhoods and were yet committed to creating a peaceful family life with happy and productive children.

It recounts the process through which we came to recognize and understand that every human being has a core, a basic essence that he or she will fight to preserve. We discovered that it was our job as parents to know and appreciate that essence in our children so that it could be preserved into adulthood.

Through our personal and professional experience we developed a parenting model which allows us to honor and support that essence as it evolves into adulthood. It is a model which recognizes that all people — parents and children alike — need and want mutual recognition and respect. We call our model see-saw parenting because it takes into account the delicate balance required in the relation between parents and children.

You can learn more about Dr. Toronto here.

Please given Dr. Toronto a warm Psych Central welcome over at her new blog today, See-Saw Parenting: From Cradle to College & Beyond.