Where Are You Spending Your Energy?

I read in an O magazine article recently about a woman who refused to feel sorry for herself. Why? Despite a row of bad luck and horrible circumstances, she’s come to the realization that self-pity doesn’t do anyone any good. In fact, she said, it steals away your power.

That doesn’t mean we all miraculously feel grateful or positive immediately following trauma or difficulty. In fact, it’s quite normal to feel sorry for yourself or to grieve after something bad has happened. It’s in our nature to want things to work out, to be happy, to be free of illness. However, since life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, developing external and internal strengths are vital to our health and well-being.

This week you’ll learn it doesn’t take much to change our situation for the better. Whether it’s gardening or practicing mindfulness, these posts teach us how to grow resilience and heal ourselves. It’s all about empowering yourself.

If you need direction on how to get along with your co-workers better or to be more self-compassionate, for example, the key isn’t to focus on what’s not working, but to spend your energy on what you can do to change your situation. You’ll find that with practice, something you once thought of as misfortune or bad luck was the turning point toward self-healing and empowerment.

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5 Self-Sabotaging Thoughts About Self-Compassion
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The Dyslexic and Creative Mind – Part 2
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